About R&D


R&D is a landscape maintenance and installation company that was established nearly 30 years ago by Tom Rowand Sr. and Tom Rowand Jr.  Since that time, we have continued to grow in the commercial market and proudly serve Northeast Florida with locations in Jacksonville and St. Augustine. We currently employ 200 staff members, who in turn make up 45 maintenance crews, 12 irrigation installation and repair crews, and six landscape installation crews. Presently, we service more than 425 commercial accounts, including homeowner associations (HOA). Commercial accounts range in size from community entrances and common areas to the complete maintenance of all the grounds within a 104-unit community where each unit has a separate yard.

To ensure exceptional quality and service, each maintenance crew foreman maintains a daily work schedule for each property a crew will service. Included are details of any extra areas that may need attention during a visit and crews will not leave a property until they are completely satisfied with its final appearance. In addition, a supervisor will visit properties weekly during and after maintenance visits.  For irrigation systems, techs perform routine checks monthly or as needed to catch and repair any problems early. These practices help us in monitoring turf condition and for the early detection and correction of future issues.

As a family owned and operated business, we maintain a close relationship with our staff and customers and we truly feel that our success is due largely to our quality work and experienced staff.  Our employees possess many years of experience that results in increased productivity as well as promoting company growth -- without sacrificing quality. We have improved the appearance of each commercial property that we have contracted and in most cases have been able to save customers money.  We make every effort to maintain the appearance of each property at the highest potential while keeping expenses at a minimum.

R&D Landscape & Irrigation is licensed and fully insured.  Your consideration is appreciated.