Why R&D?


R&D LANDSCAPE & IRRIGATION, INC. has been providing outstanding customized service to our customers since 1995. This has earned us the reputation of one of North East Florida’s premier residential and commercial landscape companies. As a full-service landscape and irrigation company, we provide a one-stop shop for all areas of landscaping, including design, maintenance, landscape and irrigation installation and repairs.


We continue to strive to be a big part of our community and donate time and money to multiple charity organizations. Unlike most companies we think outside the box to help the properties gain the full potential benefits of our service while being as cost effective as possible. More specifically when there are services we include in our contract that may be irrelevant during a certain time of year based on climate changes, rather than continue to do an irrelevant service we bring it to the property manager’s and /or board’s attention that we would like to subsidize that particular service for one that is more beneficial and appropriate for the property at that time. We are also very involved on the property to help be an extra set of eyes to help with non landscape issues that often arise such as sign being down, vandalism, theft, and violations such as illegally parked cars or other property damages and we report these type of items we see to the property representative so they can handle them in a timely matter. We are able to adapt quickly to unique needs such as repairing a lake fountain,  replacing signs on property, and even helping with holiday decorations.